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CHANEL Cruise 2012/13 Fashion Show 

Now this is one of the reasons I came out of sabbatical early this summer…

Marc Jacob reppin’ Comme Des Garçons’ Fall 2012 collection

Sarah Jessica Parker in Louis Vuitton Spring 2005

talk all you want i do not hate the black bra…


Goat fur, ostrich feather, and Mongolian lamb.

Best of Stefano Pilati’s last collection for Yves Saint Laureant Fall 2012

I would be an executioner if the chainmail and leather looked this good…

Best of Vanessa Bruno Fall 2012

That emerald colour is exquisite! If the pants in that colour need a good home, you should know my closet is currently adopting…

Best of Stella McCartney Fall 2012

All of my girls were walking and smirking for one of my all time favourite designers. What a dream…

Best of Givenchy Fall 2012

This one was incredibly hard. Seven years into his tenure Riccardo has still got it!

Best of Celine Fall 2012